Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rampart Wall Walk and PALM SUNDAY!

Today was way fun as I walked the entire wall of the Old City in the morning and got to see a completely different perspective of the amazing land that I am currently living in for a couple more weeks. We had a fun time taking tons of pictures while sweating the entire time in the blazing hot sun. It’s crazy to think that I could be freezing right now in Provo and that I am missing a superb snowboarding season for one winter but I honestly don’t mind. I wouldn’t trade this amazing experience in Jerusalem for anything! After that we tried the BEST hummus in the Holy Land as it was recommended by my Arabic teacher. We then met up with some other JC girls and ended our eventful morning doing some necessary shopping. It was a fun girl’s outing. As soon as I got back to the Center to eat my yummy sack lunch (serious exaggeration), it was time to leave for the HUMUNGOUS Palm Sunday celebration. Before today, I didn’t really know the significance of this important event; after today, I will never forget this incredible day as I observed hundreds of Christians holding green fronds around Jerusalem honoring Jesus Christ's Triumphal Entry. It was so cool to see these faithful saints worshiping in their own way. Although our beliefs vary some from each other, we were all united in strength and numbers for the same purpose. There were tons of different religious groups who were touring from all over the world and it was fun to see their enthusiasm as they rejoiced in singing praises to their Lord and King. I don’t know what I was doing at the time of Christ’s glorious entrance that first Palm Sunday but I know that I am here now for a specific purpose and I witnessed an amazing scene today. I pray that this coming Easter will be different from all the rest for the mere fact that I am residing in the very land where my Savior and Redeemer rose on the third day and was resurrected just like every “body” on this earth will in a future day. I challenge you all to take this Easter Sunday to ponder upon the miraculous life and necessary existence of Christ. What a wonderful blessing it is that he died for all of his children so that we might live. Let’s focus on the real reason for this special day and I believe we will all be greatly blessed.


Mom said...

Beautiful blog today. Wow how your testimony has grown during this time in Jerusalem & the other places you've visited. Thanks for sharing your tender thoughts about Christ & this Easter season.

You're looking even browner as the sun is shining more each day in that part of the world. Super cute!

Victoria said...

Breana...I can't believe you get to spend the Easter season in the Holy Land. Wow... lucky girl!!!

Brooke and Aaron said...

You're really gaining an appreciation for this different culture. Your eyes have really been opened up to a whole new world. I too hope that we can remember the true meaning of Easter.