Friday, April 3, 2009


Today was a tiring day of getting on and off the bus about a hundred times as we visited four historically significant sites and stopped at every overlook imaginable to get the best view of the same valley just in case it may have changed from the last time we looked at it. Seriously though, it was ridiculous but I had a fun time. Our first site was Hazor which was an important city during the Canaanite Era that was taken over by the Israelites under the direction of mighty Joshua. It was cool to see the other half of our group there since we have been segregated all week. That was pretty much the coolest part of this place. Tel Dan came next and was amazingly green with flowing springs and the cutest little black Hebrew children roaming around with us. It was cool to see a Middle Bronze arched gateway built around the time of Abraham and see the idolatrous altar built by Jeroboam where the Golden Calf was worshipped. I don’t know if the animals were bigger back in the day or what, but the altar was GINORMOUS. Caesarea Philippi was our next visit where Christ pronounces to Peter that “upon this rock I will build my church.” In Greek, Peter means petros (small rock) and rock means petra (bedrock). Christ is the only sure and steady foundation of the Church but he needs our help in accepting and magnifying our callings to keep the church from falling apart. Our Savior could easily run the church by himself but what a privilege it is that he delegates to his children different duties because he trusts us and wants us to learn from our mistakes. Our last “official” stop of the day was Nimrod Fortress which was originally built by the Crusades, later destroyed then finally rebuilt by Muslim rulers. NEXT POST...WESTERN GALILEE!

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Mom said...

That's a lot of people piled onto that tree! I'm amazed you guys didn't break off some branches taking that picture! Looked fun though!