Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well I was finally able to make it to the Dome of the Rock for the first time this semester (which is totally pathetic I know) but the timing never seemed to work out with our busy schedule and once it did, I was kicked out because I brought my scriptures since we were planning on going to the Garden Tomb afterward. The rude checkpoint guards were extremely unhelpful and would not let me leave them in their possession so I was super mad after that but have since repented and had a wonderful rest of my day. Even amongst all of that nonsense, I'm happy I did actually make it because it was one of the most gorgeous buildings I've ever seen in my life!! Pictures don't nearly do it justice. In the year 2000, non-Muslims were forbidden to enter the temple mount for the first time since 1967 because of some conflict arising. In 2006, it was reopened to non-Muslims which is the same year the Jerusalem Center was reopened which I am truly grateful for since I would have missed out on this unbelievable experience! The Dome of the Rock is such a fascinating building as it serves importance to four separate yet distinct religions in the world. For Muslims, The Dome is one of the holiest sites in Islam and is seen as its heart. This is the spot where, according to tradition, Muhammad ascended into heaven. For Jews, the location of the rock is believed to be the holiest spot on Earth since it was the site of the Holy of Holies during the time of the First and Second Temple Period. For Christians, Constantine's mother is believed to have built a small church nearby the spot where the Dome was later constructed. For Mormons, this site is an important place for the time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. How amazing it is that one such awe-inspiring structure can be so significant for several purposes. If anyone ever gets the chance to visit Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock is a must see!

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Mom said...

Great explanation of the significance of this sight to so many people with such varied beliefs. I'm so glad you finally found the time to visit this sacred place. Hope you get back there again before coming home! Happy Easter baby girl!