Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday was fairly uneventful with New Testament class for three hours in the morning; we had a 30 minute break halfway through so no worries. Although I greatly cherish Brother Wilson’s Old Testament class and thoroughly gained vast knowledge unknown to me before, I am enjoying the style of teaching of Brother Huff. He has already taught us so many insane facts about the four gospels that I would never have discovered on my own in this lifetime. I appreciate his amazing study of the New Testament which motivates me to feast upon the words of Christ daily. The rest of my beautiful day I spent studying the scriptures and watching the amazing sunset with my legit roommate Christine. It is so gorgeous here in Galilee and is SO green everywhere! Last semester here in Galilee, everything was brown and during spring/summer term, it was way hot so I am grateful I came when I did; it was meant to be. We also had Ancient Near East class last night which was torturous. There was no sleeping in the next day as my class was off on another field trip (half-day at least) to two sites that connect with Jewish history. The first site, Gamla, was a focal point during the First Revolt against Rome (66-72 AD). The steep hill where the city lies resembles a camel; hence the Hebrew/Arabic name gamal. We were the only tour group at this incredible city literally set on a hill so it was nice to explore the ruins and take pictures on high places that were overlooking the valley. There were vultures hovering over us the whole time but luckily they received no food on behalf of us. Thankfully, the last site of the day was Qazrin. I know that sounds horrible to say “thankfully” but it gets old being a tourist all the time. Moving on, this “Talmudic village” contains a restored rabbi’s house and a basilica synagogue. This town has long been abandoned since the 4th-8th century AD when the Talmud was being compiled. The rest of my afternoon, I did a minor amount of homework, took an incredible run along the shore, had a contemplative walk alone on the beach, got some sun, and have been getting caught up on my journal which I have successfully accomplished. NEXT POST...more three-hour classes and the FISH RESTAURANT.

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Breathtaking pictures in this, serene, & peaceful looking! Cute little heart shape dessert too! Looks yummy.