Friday, April 3, 2009


New Testament class today was one of the most amazing religion classes I have EVER been in! It is amazing how much a teacher can cram in for a three hour class and how much I learned actually paying attention and trying hard to soak up everything I could. Although I have always felt that the New Testament is easier to read than the Old Testament, I am discovering new stories and insights that I have never noticed before. After a marathon of class time, we were off on a nature hike in the Jezreel Valley to see the beautiful green plains, colorful flowers, and an incredible waterfall. We had a guide with us to lead us away from the mines that were dispersed throughout the course of our path but the funniest part about it was that I didn’t see one dangerous zone the entire time. So kind of pointless in my opinion but I guess we wouldn’t have found the waterfall if he weren’t there so I should be more grateful. The water was WAY too cold for me to feel any temptation of getting in but there were some people from my group who did jump in and regretted it later as they were shivering the entire walk home; I was dry, happy, and loving life like always. Then it was off to a memorable adventure at the “Fish Restaurant” to devour the famous St Peter’s Fish (Tilapia). I know this is going to put you over the edge Mom but the fish was nasty oily, super bland, and not excitingly amazing. To ensure that we got the full experience, my roommate Emilie and I shared half a mini pizza and part of the fish. We had fun taking pictures with our dinner and made the most of our crazy escapade. We went for ice cream and shopping in Tiberias but since it was Shabbat, none of the stores were open except for one gelato stand that had the most incredible Thai coconut flavor in the world! It was ridiculously good. The following morning I slept in for the first time since I have been in Israel and boy was it the best thing that has ever happened to me. Well not quite but it was amazing not having to set any alarm and then relaxing the rest of the morning. We quickly visited the Jordan River Baptismal Site before church at 3:30pm. Even though there weren’t any baptisms going on, it was cool to visit the place. Then it was church overlooking the Sea of Galilee which was quite distracting but the messages shared through music and words were amazing and brought me to tears at times. It is going to be so hard to go back home and have sacrament meeting without the most unbelievable views in the world! I will actually have to look at the speaker and listen...lame. To conclude the night, the teachers hosted a fireside telling the stories about how they met and fell in love. It’s funny how we have been told that dating is off limits at the Jerusalem Center, yet there has been TONS of hooking up lately as “small town syndrome” has officially kicked in. Always juicy stuff going on in Jerusalem. NEXT POST...more field trips and SUN!!

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Mom said...

Seriously Breana...seeing that fish head & teeth so close to your mouth/face made me want to throw up! That is digusting. How could you sit at a table with entire fish laid across everyone's plates! That is too gross! You are adventurous though!