Monday, February 16, 2009

So yesterday was a free day which means we have the entire day to waste away our time and do whatever we want! It's awesome and always much needed every once in a while. I rang the bells at the YMCA which is across the street from the King David Hotel where the United States President stays on their visit to the Holy Land. Crazy stuff, I know! At 12:00pm sharp, me and my Egypt roommate Anne dominated Frere Jacques for 60,000 people! It was way intense and quite stressful since we only had one time to practice before the big debut. We made the best of it and rang those bells like Quasimodo has never heard before. Later I did some wandering in the Old City which was kind of pointless since everything starts winding down super early here (around 4pm-ish). We wanted to go to the Dome of Rock and then some churches but all our plans kept getting shafted so we gave up and walked home. Today I went to the Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children which was SO MUCH FUN!! I had the opportunity to work with 10 hearing impaired children. Although it was difficult to interact with them because of the communication barrier and the fact that I know an extremely minimal amount of their language, I made the best of it. The teachers expected us to come up with games to play (which we were not informed of beforehand) so we did duck-duck-goose and head-shoulders-knees-and toes about a thousand times. It was wonderful to take part in the community for once and see what life outside the Center and the Old City is really like. Later I did some shopping in the Old City which was very productive and then I had the most amazing brownie pastry in West Jerusalem. It definitely didn't come close to a big piece of homemade cheesecake but it was worth the 1 dollar and 50 cents I spent so I was pretty happy. My last exciting activity tonight was the best game of indoor soccer I've ever played!! It got pretty intense with me and Priscilla (legit intramural soccer teammate) owning all the guys. It was amazing to say the least!


Mom said...

Those little kids sure warmed up to you fast - so cute how they are piled on top of you! I guess however you communicated with them showed them that you cared. Man, that little boys eyes are huge, so beautiful.

Glad to hear you got to use your soccer skills. That must have been a blast & a nice change of pace. Wish we could have heard your debut bell ringing experience too!

Brooke and Aaron said...

You're so light, I imagine the ropes from the bells lifted you up as they swung back and forth (like in the cartoons). Sounds like you had a great time at the Basma Center and good job on making-do with last minute notice. That brownie pastry sounded yummy! That makes me hungry just thinking about it.