Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It has been a pretty mellow week for me so far but don't you worry...I still have things to share. Sunday was a free day but the weather was not very pleasant so I decided to stay in and catch up on some reading. In my attempt to get ahead in my classes, I kept dozing off so finally I gave up. Since I am the worst nap-taker of all time and couldn't EVER fall asleep, I tried reading once again but by that point, it was time for a girl's night out! We are not allowed to be out after dark without a guy so technically it wasn't completely exclusive (ridiculous I know). We went to see Bride Wars which was in English with Hebrew subtitles so it was quite an experience. It was great to get out on the town and feel like a semi-normal college student. Monday and Tuesday consisted of morning classes which is always such a joy (sarcasm intended). Yesterday I needed to do some errands which is usually difficult since you have to bribe two other people to join you. I am so looking forward to having my car once again and completing simple, mundane tasks like this ALL by myself. Last night was another insane game of soccer where two guys rolled their ankles and the rest of us now have bruised shins. I think we forget that none of us have shinguards but it's still great fun! Today I went to the Sisters of Sion Convent which was fun to take pictures inside. Even after reading the handy pamphlet provided, I still didn't really know the meaning behind it all but there was a way old Roman road that has been preserved which was pretty cool. Well I think that's it for me tonight.

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Brooke and Aaron said...

Sounds like you're finding more appreciation for the "small things" that you have in the states...like having your own car. You're a trooper, that's for sure! Oh, and be careful on the soccer field. We want you coming home uninjured and safe!!