Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Feeling So Good

So today we all went to the Garden Tomb with our teachers and had a little tour of the supposed place where Christ was resurrected. We sang four hymns together before we left and I was so encircled about with the Spirit that I could not hold back my tears as we started to sing the third verse of How Great Thou Art. It hit me so hard that my Savior loves me so much that He bled from every pore for all of my wrongdoings and died on the cross that I may live with Him again. It was an amazing experience that I will NEVER forget! Well my batteries died before I could even take my first picture so sorry about that (remember...patience is a virtue). I'll definitely be visiting it again when I'm a little more cohesive since I woke up in the middle of the night with a cough, chills, and a slight fever. Don't worry about me though because I got a priesthood blessing tonight and I'm really good at fighting colds. I'm just about done packing for Egypt (we leave way early tomorrow morning at 5:30am) so it's just about bedtime for me. I won't be able to bring my laptop or get any Internet connection there since Egypt is a third world country so goodbye until next Sunday night or Monday when I'm back in my home away from home. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Until next time!

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Mom said...

I'm so glad you got a blessing. Best way to get better, especially when you need to be well to enjoy your Egypt trip. We'll miss having any communication from you, but hope it is all that you've heard it is & that you learn & see incredible things.

The Garden Tomb sounds way amazing & the strong Spirit you felt is something that is a gift from God confirming that His son is our Savior. I'm grateful you will have other opportunities to go there again & feel more of His Spirit. I'm envious....!!

Missing you, but glad you're there too!