Saturday, March 7, 2009


The next morning we were lucky enough to sleep until 7:30am which is totally pathetic that we think of that as sleeping in but I guess that is my life right now. Our first stop was Jabbok River which was the site where Jacob wrestled with an angel but our bus couldn’t quite make it there without breaking down for an hour and a half. I guess we weren’t meant to go or something because we had to move on to our next visit to the city of Jerash which stands as one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world. There’s not much else to this incredibly well-maintained city except to say that I had the funniest time taking tons of pictures by ginormous old pillars and rocks that were ten times as big as me! The Amman Roman Theater was absolutely amazing because it was built into the natural slopes of the city with an integrated stage. To end our hot day in Jerash, we all watched a Roman reenactment of chariot racing and Gladiator fighting. Although it was one of the cheesiest thing EVER, it made for a good laugh. We had lunch at the grandest place with the biggest pitas alive. The food was epic and might possibly be one of my favorite meals thus far. After our unforgettable lunch, we met with the Branch President in Jordan and had an amazing meeting learning about how the church has grown here in the Middle East in the last ten years and how the members stay strong amongst the isolation they face here. I became motivated to be an example to those around me although we are forbidden to discuss any aspect of our religion. After arriving back to our hotel, all the students were off once again for your choice of the Mecca Mall or the Auto Exhibit. Since it doesn't excite me so much to look at old cars, a group of us went exploring in one of the biggest malls I have ever seen! We decided to hit the bowling alley where I achieved an all-time high score of 126. It was fun to relax and talk with the locals and was interesting to see the contrast between the modesty and uptightness of Israel versus the modernized city of Jordan with skimpily-dressed women just like home sweet home. Next...Mosque of Famous Jordanian King, Temple of Hercules, and the JORDAN RIVER


Mom said...

Great pictures - thanks for posting so many on your blogs. Loved the shot of the imfamous soccer elbow scab with the gladiator! That pita is three times the size of your head! How funny is that?!

Brooke and Aaron said...

Why was your Branch President shirtless and holding a sword? Oh, that's the gladiator guy. J/K :)